About Spry Support

Network & Hardware


  • Uptime
  • Hardware
  • Network
  • Performance
  • SSH Access
  • Control Center

Server Setup


  • DNS Configuration
  • Linux Installation
  • cPanel Installation

Your Service

You need access - whenever, wherever. You need dependable performance. You need the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your service has a team of professional system administrators and support personnel ready to fix any problems as they occur; because wondering what went wrong is the last thing you need.

Our Priority

When a piece of hardware fails in the middle of the night, a network outage interrupts traffic, or a natural disaster strikes, we're ready for it. Spry Support and System Administration teams are available by e-mail day and night to provide assistance - because technology isn't perfect, and that's why we're here.

Support Policy

The Spry Support and System Administration teams are available around the clock to resolve systems issues which interfere with your access to the service:
  • Uptime, Hardware, and Network: We constantly monitor for network and hardware
  • Performance: Server load is benchmarked continuously to identify performance issues
  • SSH Access: Your service will always be available for you to administer
  • Control Center: The Control Center is fully supported
Spry Support includes assistance in setting up and maintaining your service:
  • DNS Configuration: Our team will provide recommendations if you encounter any difficulty routing traffic from your domain name to your VPS
  • Linux Installation: We will fully investigate any configuration issues related to our default operating system installations
  • cPanel Installation: We will gladly assist and provide recommendations with the proper configuration of the WHM / cPanel with the purchase of a WHM / cPanel license for your VPS

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