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Your Needs

You're here because you need hosting, but not just any hosting: you know the time has come to move beyond the limitations of traditional shared hosting and the frustrations of managing dedicated hardware.

  • Control:You need to have full root access to make your server work the way it's supposed to.
  • Performance:You won't settle for a sluggish, over-sold server.
  • Reliability:You want to know that your service is up and running day and night with expert support, and a top-tier network connection.
  • Flexibility:Upgrades should take effect as fast as you can click a button - no hassles, no delays - so your VPS can adapt on-the-fly and weather heavy traffic surges.
  • Affordable Pricing:You have no interest in overspending for features and services you don't need.

Our Solutions

Your web hosting needs are unique. We'll help you find a plan tailored to your needs from the range of VPS hosting solutions built and backed by our years of experience and technical acumen.

All Spry plans include unrestricted root access so you can configure your VPS to run however you like.

We know that quality and consistency are inseparable. Our commercial datacenter is stocked with the latest Dell servers and our support center is staffed 24/7/365. Every solution we offer comes with the promise of performance, reliability, uptime, and ease of use you won't find anywhere else.

As you gain customers and traffic grows your needs will change—we're here to make that change happen and ensure you have everything you need when it does.

We're certain you'll see the value we offer from the day you begin hosting with us—or we'll give your money back.

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