cPanel Licensing for VPS Hosting

  • Leading Web Host Manager (WHM) Reseller Solution since 2000
  • User-friendly, feature-packed cPanel Control Panel
  • Add to any VPS for $10.00 a month
cPanel / WHM 11.23 is one of the most powerful and flexible control panel systems available. cPanel features numerous plug-ins to customize its appearance, increase functionality, and install pre-compiled applications.

cPanel Licensing

only $10.00 / mo

Your cPanel license will include access to our preinstalled cPanel operating system template—you'll have everything you need to start using your cPanel VPS in minutes.

A cPanel license is a wise investment for any web host: consider the hundreds of testimonials offered at the site and try out the WHM / cPanel Demos for yourself.

The Industry Standard in Web Hosting

A tried-and-tested web hosting reseller's application of choice, cPanel includes the following features (and more) to make managing your VPS easier for you and more rewarding for your customers:
  • Software Installation and Configuration—Skip the hassle of command-line administration and configure your Apache and PHP installation with a few clicks
  • User Account Management—Easily manage and synchronize your customers' e-mail, FTP, and control panel access
  • Web-based Tools—Your customers will be able to upload files, check their e-mail, and generate site traffic reports
  • Spam Protection—Eliminate spam e-mail automatically with SpamAssassin


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